2 small business owners, 2 small kids each.
1 shared vision: To create a fun tee shirt line for YOU with a bigger purpose.

Our vision. Your words. Together, we make a difference.

We saw a negative message on a tee shirt that we didn’t like.  We put our heads together and created our own tee shirt brand – theYOUtee. 

Full story of theYOUtee (read it, it’s pretty good.) We saw an article on Social Media regarding a negative message on a tee shirt from a popular retail brand that we did not love.  We felt that the shirt graphic devalued one career choice (artist) in favor of another career choice (astronaut) and just didn’t love the message it was sending to kids, mainly because we both have creative backgrounds and two small kids ourselves.  Don’t get us wrong, we would love it if our kids wanted to become an astronaut or the President like the shirt said but the point is we want our kids and young adults to know that it is OK to aspire to be whatever they want to be in life. Even if it is an artist.  We thought “let’s create our own shirt”.  And so we did. 

We wanted to make a simple yet unique shirt that speaks volumes.  theYOUtee was created to allow YOU to make your own statement.  The tee shirt very quickly became less about that original tee shirt message and all about focusing on YOU.  Your words.  What YOU had to say.  But we also knew from the start that we wanted this shirt to be more than just another shirt in your drawer.  We wanted it to be unique and we wanted it to do good in the community and around the world, so with each tee shirt purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes to a non-profit or charity.  

We are not stopping there!  We have big aspirations for this brand!  Stay tuned…